business You Need A Mailing List. Now.


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I have close to 10,000 email addresses that I’ve collected over the past year alone, and guess how many times I have emailed the users. None. I always forget! haven’t ever been too keen on emailing people, mostly because I don’t want to run the risk of emailing them from my server, being labeled as spam, and risking the loss of my search results. The cure to that is to use FeedBurner (a free service, good for beginners) or Aweber – a paid professional service starting with plans at $20 per month.
Having a mailing list is a great idea because you can connect with your users on a more informal basis. You’re connecting with them in their own digital home. You’re not just some random website anymore. You’re like their new friend on Facebook!

If you chose to email your users, then keep it to once per week depending on what type of content it is. If you’re a site that updates daily, then go for it. See how the crowd reacts to your messages and go from there.

The best tip you can take on mailing lists is to always make sure your users OPT In to your mailing list. That means they WANT to be emailed by you. They can opt-in by submitting their mailing list and then verifying it via email. Your mailing list provider will handle all that for you. Also it’s extremely important that you provide an OPT-OUT option at the bottom of your emails and a place online for them to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Doing that, and using a mail service provider, should help you remain off the spam list.


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2015 update - do you think having a big social media following would be more beneficial than a mailing list? should we have both? What's your opinion.


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I would choose to have a mailing list. That's the way seasoned internet marketers market and promote their products. Once they trust to you their emails, you have a ready market to send your emails over again, and all this process on autopilot.


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Emails work well BUT you have to be careful with how often, what you say, what you send as offers, etc. It's a real art as well as a science. For Adult email lists I use YNOT Mail which is excellent. :)