business Xenforo vs vbulletin


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I've been a vbulletin customer since 2006. I've spent $700 plus on TWO licenses. One time I upgraded from v3 to v4, then 5 days later v5 came out.

I asked if they could grant me a complimentary upgrade from 4 to 5, since I literally updated days earlier and of course had NO idea that v5 would be out a few days later.

They said no.

So I paid $200 for an upgrade to v4 and they wanted ANOTHER $200 to upgrade to v5 just days later. That's $400 to upgrade in a week.

It was cheaper to buy a brand new license and have 3.

I complained and was offered a $65 coupon but they didn't ever send the coupon code.

Then I complained publicly and they said they reached out - but all they did was say "we'll upgrade you to version 5" and then they DID NOT upgrade me.

I replied to their message and it's been weeks to a month later and no response.

I've taken my business to Xenforo over the previous 1-2 months and the result has been stellar.

A better forum software.
MUCH better customer support.
Less spam registrations.

Xenforo is like a million times better. I've moved three sites to it and am selling my vbulletin licenses cheap.

I know this review will probably shoot my sales thread down, but that's cool.

If you live VB, then use VB. Maybe buy it cheap and give it to one of your nitwit clients and charge them full price. Chances are they've tried to bust your bubble about pricing anyway, so buy mine cheap and show them the full price page! zing!

My 15 years of experience say Xenforo is a better product.


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I gotta agree on making that switch! I don't personally run any forums, but the few I've helped out on that ran VB all became nightmares. Feels like support and development on VB is hitting stale points and like you experienced, their pricing and service is just not up to par these days. Xenforo is just too good to pass up right now, but I wonder what will replace that as the go-to?