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Did you know that you have to verify the www and non www if you want to select a preferred domain in Google?


Somewhat silly, but 100% easy and takes only a second.

Then make sure your site renames your non preferred domain to the preferred domain, usually done via 301 redirect in htaccess.

I chose for the www to be preferred.

What did you prefer?


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I think Google should recognize the domain with or without the www but, what can we do other than play by their game?

As for your specific question, it depends much on the domain I'm working with.

My preferred variant is using www as they seem to give any website a professional tone and is easy to refer to a site starting with them. Have you heard someone inviting your to visit triple w x-domain dot com? Way too much better than hearing the same person saying, "point your browser to http colon, slash, slash x-domain dot com." Ugly! Isn't it?

Even though there are names that combined with certain extensions sound better without the Ws, as in example most INFO and PRO domain extensions. Let's suppose a doctor called John James Johnson buy a PRO domain to show off his medicine qualifications.

This way, sounds better than, as nobody has triple www as their first name... or it might be someone already?

Other example, using this time the INFO extension could be an hypothetical domain f a s, which might already exists, hence why the spaces between the word "fast."

Again, fast sounds better for this extension than triple w fast... what is the fast, the info or the Ws? Someone could say, but ultimately the choice is up to the domain owner, don't you think?


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True, Google notifies you of this now when you are setting up your sites in Google Webmaster Tools - so I just followed along with their recommendations and added both sites and selected a preferred one. I'm still worried though that something is screwed up because I am only seeing one click with GWT for my site when it's in fact gotten several hundred clicks recently as identified by Google Analytics. I even have Analytics set up to filter out traffic from my own personal IP address, so it's not counting my own personal visits to the site.

As for the redirect from non-www to www, something - either Wordpress, the theme I am using, or the Cloudflare service I am using, is already taking care of this for me - I'm assuming - but this too has me worried there are some issues happening somewhere along the line.

I'm fairly certain Cloudflare itself is handling the redirect since it only works with WWW versions of your domain at the present. So anyone going to non-www addresses of my site are automatically being redirected to the www version. I'm wondering if Cloudflare's CDN service is not playing well with GWT.

Also, I wish that Google would present your sites in GWT in a more practical way - it's rather cluttered and frustrating when you've got a bunch of sites set up under one account, and their non-www iterations as well. They should group them together somehow under the same listing, to keep things more tidy in there imo.


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Google Webmasters tools and Cloudflare are two things I have, but two things I have never understood at all.

When it comes to Google, is way too much easier to me follow what experience has taught me that their recommendation because starting with the fact of being clueless on how to add new sites and do the follow up or retrieve analytics chunks of codes, not because I don't know how, but finding to confusing the control panel, what translates into loads of wasted time when tried.

As for Cloudflare seems easier to understand as it can be turned on an off from my control panel, but more than not understanding it, what I dislike of this is the way it handles some IPs blocking visitors at its sole discretion.

When activated, I had loads of complains of legit surfers being denied to access my site by Cloudflare. Yeah, I know it may block effectively unwanted traffic, but I prefer to block this from .htaccess to avoid my real surfers suffer its consequences.