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Do you use wordpress or a other framework for your websites. Frameworks are becoming popular like bootstrap.


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Actually, it' not an either/or question, as WordPress and frameworks are two very different things. ;)

Frameworks (such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation) are essentially a collection of tools used to enhance or support a web site, but not the foundation for the site itself. WordPress is actually a type of CMS (Content Management System) and that is truly a site foundation software. I do admit I don't use WordPress (because it doesn't work for most of my needs) but there is validity in using it for your site - provided it does what it need you to. Typically a CMS and a framework work in tandem to give you the complete site.

For me at least, the larger frameworks, while they are great, are a bit heavy and can actually impede your development if not very carefully implemented. It is a good idea to map out first what your site is supposed to do, and then select the combination of products that give you the best result. For my personal taste, I much prefer lighter-weight, less intrusive mini-framework such as KNACSS as they don't get in my way and there isn't as much time spent paring them down.

Of course, experiment and select what works for your project.


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There are a variety of themes for Wordpress which are in fact frameworks themselves. These generally install like normal themes, but then add a whole new set of tools to the admin panel which allow you to customize the look and feel of your site even further without having to get into any of the code. I think these are the best way to create a Wordpress site in my opinion, because they take a ton of the busy work out of dealing with responsive layout issues, and designing the site to an underlying "grid".

As for other non-Wordpress frameworks such as Bootstrap - I don't personally use it, because I find it to be more of a hassle than a help. It's basically just a bunch of pre-written CSS and Javascript that you can use as a starting point when creating a new site, but it can also take a long time to become familiar with everything in it and all the CSS markup you need to reference. Sometimes starting clean with no CSS and making all of your own is more convenient than trying to backtrack through tons of CSS that someone else wrote.


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Wordpress is my hidden treasure.

I love how straightforward the program is. When I want to add something, I'm able to just do it without needing to learn anything new. It is most certainly a lack of struggle when I just need to get one blog in for the day.

I have never thought about using Framework, though. I am usually the type of person to not take change well. So perhaps with time, I'll give Framework a try!


I have two websites- astrokrsna and spiritualboosters. I am using wordpress for both. The simple reason is that wordpress is quite easy to use and I am familiar with it. I can easily make the changes to my website without seeking external help.