business Will Facebook Remain On Top Of All Social Networks?


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I read somewhere out there, that while Facebook keep being a popular social networking site, many people, particularly teenagers, are moving away to join other social networks that seem to be less advertising-cluttered and focus better on what they want: socialize.

Undoubtedly is more than notorious Facebook rampant money making goal. All online sites need to make money somehow, but not in the way FB does, bearing in mind its Sucker-berg owner made it be millionaire.

Twitter is more or less as old as Facebook and while has to monetize, is more discreet doing it, not acting as if they were hunger for money as FB does.

And this could be the cause of people quitting Facebook as it has been allegedly reported.

With this information in mind, do you think that Facebook will remain on top of everyone's preferences to socialize or will be dropping in popularity?

Any thoughts?


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Advertising needs audience. Facebook has millions of active users using it daily. Nowadays young and old people connect through Facebook. I think it is because of its features that makes it more preferable. If they can make money out of their site then they are making sure to reach as many people as possible.


I think Facebook is pretty much here for the long term. They have enough financial backing to keep evolving also.
Will take a pretty big fish or amazing concept to blow fb out of the water.
The difficulty is that most also have years worth of memories on facebook and lots of shared connections. Its functional on many levels from personal to business.
In fact i use facebook more for business than my website.
Cant imagine what would push facebook out, but it would likely have to offer some kind of import from fb into it.


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I think that Facebook will always be pretty popular, but it might not be everyone's favorite social media site. While some people might prefer to go to Instagram, I think that they will also use Facebook because so many others use it and they want to see what everyone else is up to.