business Why Is Facebook Blue?


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I have thought about that before. I think blue is more social than other colors. What if it was red? Most social networking sites are blue including twitter. Not only social networking sites, paypal also chose blue.


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Interesting reading, but I would say Facebook is blue just out of casualty, not based on any marketing research applied to colors or vice versa.

Keep in mind it came into the Internet scene back in 2004 when there were no other social sites to know blue is associated to sociability.

In addition, I remember that blue was widely used since the late 20th century and to date. Blue is Microsoft color too, and many people used to associate blue with the color of planet earth.


Love the psychology behind colours.
I studied Fine Art and my elective was psychology.
I have found the studies on how colour can affect our moods fascinating.
I have some strong personal reactions to colour also.


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That was a very interesting read! I completely believe that color schemes can change the mood of the reader. Every time I feel as though I've had a stressful day, I often jump onto Facebook and for some reason feel relaxed. The blue bar really does calm me down, and most likely others, too!

I've always wanted to have a cooking blog (since I'll be cooking in my own kitchen this upcoming summer) and I think I'll make the color scheme to be red and yellow since study proves that those colors make you psychologically hungry. So, what better than to have people read my blog, get hungry, try it themselves, and comment how they did!