business What have you done to improve your site's SEO?


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I've added SEO friendly URLS, written unique articles, and built plenty of links to improve my SEO.

What have you done to improve the SEO on your site?


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In as much as writing unique articles is a plus to your SEO campaign, the quality and use of keywords also matters. I always make sure that I don't keyword stuff my articles too much (2-4 % should do the trick). Social media marketing also seems to be doing quite well with my SEO campaigns.
On page and off page both are important to improve your site's SEO. Update fresh unique article and create back links in relevant sites.


Most things I have done for SEO are on-page optimizations.
The first thing I did was to make sure each of my articles have a great title with the right keyword/keyphrase in it. Then I make sure some important keywords will appear in the first paragraph and the last paragraph, and they also appear quite a few times throughout the entire article without spamming.

I tried to build some backlinks, but unfortunately most places I can add my links have only nofollow links.


I did so was to be sure each involving my articles employ a great title while using the right keyword in it. Then I be sure some important keywords can look in the very first paragraph along with the last sentence, and additionally they appear many times through the entire content without spamming.


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bauss said:
I've added SEO friendly URLS, written unique articles, and built plenty of links to improve my SEO.

What have you done to improve the SEO on your site?
Tips to improve the level of SEO of a website
1)Include useful high-quality information on your site.
2)Update your blog frequently adding new content that keeps users returning to your site.
3)Have a link-worthy site
4)Target the right keywords.
5)Search for high page rank websites and place a constructive comment on their site.
6)Submit your site to any other favorite sites to as many social bookmark sites that you like.
8)There are many online vendors available with SEO service like SEV in which improve search engine rankings with keyword and suggested topics tool, increase traffic to your site with higher rankings with One-click submission to Google, Yahoo,etc.


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The best way to improve your SEO is to do a proper keyword research and keep a good track on your content. A relevant link building is a plus to a good SEO for your website.


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As Google periodically changes its search ranking formula, you will be good now if you ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and loads fast, without any malwares


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On two of the sites I am currently working on, I am trying to build out thousands of localized landing pages for every city and state in the US. My goal is to target geo specific search queries related to my site, which have a sizable enough volume overall to warrant the effort, but are far less competitive when compared to the non-geo speciifc keyword related to my industry, which are insanely competitive. The challenge though is figuring how to generate enough "content" for all of these pages so they don't blatantly look like doorway page, which in effect they are. I'm trying to cobble up enough useful data by city from a variety of sources, and I'm hoping to be able to update all these pages via bulk sheets.

I'm also similarly working on an exhaustive glossary of related terms for each site - and gathering up all sorts of glossaries from other related sites and joining everything together, then re-writing everything (essentially paraphrasing it all) so it looks like unique content.


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I have written unique, original and informative content which cannot be found elsewhere and have included relevant keyword phrases in that content. However, I try not to remain too conscious of keywords or you almost always inadvertently end up guilty of keyword stuffing. This sometimes happen when you just write from the heart and don't even bother with keywords. Sometimes it's good to include as little keywords as possible to improve SEO. Strange but true. I also make sure all images are attributed properly and that they have alternative text. I also include accompanying content, such as videos, where possible.


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To improve your site you should take into consideration listing your services on directories, forums and social media. This way people with your same interest will approach to you making your ranking improve and this will automatically improve your SEO.