business Photoshop Memory Issues


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I recently became aware of something about how Photoshop and other Adobe applications act on your system, which can really become a nuisance if you are on an older computer, or a mid to low range computer that is not loaded with a ton of memory.

I've been running into a lot of problems with Photoshop unexpectedly telling me there is not enough memory to proceed, and I lose all the work I had been doing in it, because it won't even allow me to save it and close out. What's even more frustrating is even if I close out of a majority of the images I have open in it at once, it still continues to eat up all my memory and slows down my computer as a whole.

After some digging on Adobe's forums, apparently this is an *intentional* thing that Photoshop and other Adobe apps do - they use up memory as needed, but never release it back to the rest of your computer until you completely close out of the apps. In other words, this memory hogging problem is literally by design.

So if you are running on a system with only like 4 gigs of memory, and you open some large RAW file, for example, or some really high res print layout, it will slow your computer to a halt. And even after you close the image, it will continue to clam up your whole computer. If you are working with limited memory, it's best to try and shrink the large images down first, save them, and exit Photoshop, then re-open it and open the shrunk down images to continue working on them. It's a bit of a nuisance, but much better than trying to get stuff done on your computer and it keeps freezing and hanging for minutes at a time.


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Yikez I'm sorry to hear about your problem. My quick fix solution to your problems is purchasing a external hard drive to run your Photoshop on. I hope I was at some help to you. Good Luck.