business New Content Or Backlinks


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I understand that backlinks can improve one's SEO. What about adding new content daily to your site? Most site owners try to create a lot of backlinks without adding new content. Is that recommended?


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No, I wouldn't recommend it. If you're adding new content regularly, then people are going to keep coming back to see what's new. Working on building backlinks for too long is just going to result in the current content becoming outdated anyway and in all honesty doesn't really make much difference anyway. Post good content that people enjoy, do it regularly and you shouldn't have a problem. Backlinks can help a bit but once people have seen your content, that's it - they've seen it and have no reason to keep coming back unless you are active and regular.


both are important and you should be adding new content on your website quite regularly may be once or twice a week. You can have a blog where you can shared something about your industry and also if anything new you are offering.