business My first experience with FreeLancer Web Designers


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I hosted a small logo contest at and it has been awesome so far.

I've met two really cool designers who've been working really hard and I want to give them a shout out and a big thanks to them.

Thank you aditya96 and Matin518 for being very patient, creative, and supplying me with numerous logo options.

I've emailed support at Freelancer asking if I can split the prize between you. Anytime I see someone who needs a designer, I am sending them directly to you! Special shout out to AngryFrodo too - he jumped into the contest a bit late and submitted a very nice entry. He's a great person to work with too!

Here's my contest, tell me what you think!


I have intermittently used freelancer for advertising my services.
I found it generally overwhelming though, particularly seeing as it seemed flooded with people willing to do the jobs at crazy low prices (and my rates arent high!)

I think freelancer is great for customers, but it is really flooded and competitive for designers. Or maybe im just not cut out for it much.

I try to get loyal customers who return to me, and focus on that more, than putting my efforts into freelancer.

Great job on your logo though!