business Matt cutt's nixes guest posts


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Matt Cutt's, the Google search engine spam guru, nixed guest blogs and stated that the shady programs exchanging guest blog posts were being penalized.

Good. Guest blogs are stupid.

They're obviously spam.

If I want to plug a product, then I'll do it myself. And if I want to interview a friend, then I'll do it. But the concept of "guest blogging" is simply stupid.

It's the spammy way of saying you're "plugging" something or someone.

On the contrary, isn't a guest blog post sorta like having a guest on your show? I wonder hot Team CoCo feels about this.

Either way, the debate is over. Matt Cutt's said see ya later guest blogging.



When I first read your post I was about to leap to the defence of guest posting, but then I had a little about it and I realised I would be defending how guest posting USED to be.

In the beginning guest posts were very well written, and while they were promoting something (even if it was only a link to their site), when people realised that guest posting could really help with SEO that is when the spammy posts started to flood the scene.

There are still some very good guest posters around, I think the mistake a lot of blogs have made is that they accept guest posts from random and complete strangers, whereas I feel you should have some sort of relationship with a writer before allowing them to guest post. I know they are still promoting something, but in my experience I get much better guest posts from writers I've gotten to know first. :)


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Those sites that accept any and every guest post are usually filled with junk. Those sites should be deleted from the web, as their only purpose is to generate low quality back links. They're probably all made by scammy SEO people who sucker people into paying for SEO.

There's a HUGE difference between that and someone posting an article on a legit site like Huffington Post.

If you're going to make a blog, then just make a good one. And if you're going to waste time writing articles, then write good ones!

Doesn't make sense anymore to do things of low quality for such a little return on your investment of either time or money.