business Is Pagerank Dead Or Not?


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I have seen how pagerank has lost relevance among webmasters for the past few months or, years? Similarly, the average user is not longer concerned about the pagerank of a given site, as they used to be before, nor feeling amazed when this rank was over 5 in the scale.

In a recent comment read somewhere online, a guy was complaining about the Google Pagerank toolbar not longer displaying any result, or stuck in old values, and the loads of many websites offering the service to query Google servers for this are simply timing out without providing any pagerank indicator.

It seems that someone at the Google's end said the toolbar stopped to be updated from 2009, but the question is, is Pagerank still a real measuring thing as it was?

Needless to say people wanting to sell websites or domains still use pagerank as reference in their attempt to make more money out of the sale but this can be easily forged as we have seen through the time.

So, is pagerank dead or not? What do you think?


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I wouldn't say it's entirely irrelevant. Apparently Google has stated they are no longer updating page ranks, and appear to be moving away from them. But that still doesn't mean that page rank is useless from a historical perspective - especially if you were in a situation where you were possibly going to buy an existing domain and/or website, and wanted to get a sense of whether or not the previous owners were doing shady/spammy stuff which may have gotten the site blacklisted across various search engines.

There was an article I read about a year ago, which went into more detail about why Google would want to move away from page rank. Apparently they don't actually own the patents for it. The founders of Google conceived the idea of page rank while they were still in college, and wrote about it in their dissertations, which the college technically owns. That kind of puts Google in a precarious spot if the college wanted to collect on that somehow. So it only makes sense for them to move away from it in favor of some new methodology that they develop in house and own completely.


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Yes, certainly makes sense, as I can see they are giving relevance to long-tail keywords again, but not in the traditional way SEO was using these.

I guess more and more significant changes are coming up from Google to keep on top of all search engines but... all? Literally they are going alone in this game.


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Most of the information put out there about SEO, page rank, etc, even by Google themselves, seems to be a load of bunk nonsense in my opinion. It seems to matter very little and makes very little difference to the performance of my sites and blogs. I now pretty much ignore SEO completely and only really consider usability and giving my visitors entertaining content. I'm not concerned with word count, keywords, images, supplemental data, etc. Ever since I started ignoring SEO, my content has been performing a lot better and has been attracting a lot more traffic. The whole field of SEO, in my opinion, is just complete and utter garbage. It wouldn't surprise me if it was done on purpose to try to lower the traffic other sites/blogs receive so that Google can keep it all to themselves! Welcome to the SEO conspiracy theory!


That's funny, as a relatively new blogger, many whom I talked to online seem to be totally obsessed with page views and rank. I'm not myself. I look of course but it's hard to even know these days how accurate it is with Google.


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Page views are great because it tells you people enjoy clicking around on your site.

Page rank? It's been gone for years. People only use that now as a way to try and over value something they're selling.

For example, if I said I'll sell you an ad on a site that's a PR5 - you might think it's more valuable, but there's PR 5 sites that get no visitors. How much is that ad worth? Pretty much nothing :)

jc banks

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Before I started blogging I didn’t know about page ranking, still don’t understand it, but people find me and that’s what matters. Though I get calls all the time telling me I need to be on the front page of Google, I am on there, but they don’t seem to know it so I am thinking its not to big a deal.