business Instagram Doesn't Like Eggplant Friday.


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Instagram has unleashed a new feature that let's people hashtag emojis! YES!

But Instagram has gone all crazy and banned us from searching for the eggplant emoji with the hashtag.



If you're not sure what #EggplantFriday is, then look it up this Friday because it's HILARIOUS and the LADIES LOVE IT!!
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I won't look up what the freaking big deal about "eggplant Friday", and if Instagram banned that, it must has a valid reason to do so. After all it is their site, and if you want to use it, follow their rules.

From all the photos in this post, I am guessing it is something not pleasant, aiming at ladies, but I am not going to figure this out :)


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I had never heard of "Eggplant Friday" until I saw this post. So I Googled it.

Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I can see why Instagram have banned it but I'm pretty sure they allow photos of women who have far more on display.


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It's just big, black penises in sweatpants and boxer briefs. Big deal. I'm a grown woman so the sight of a penis is not shocking to me. I think Eggplant Friday was a funny idea, but the moral majority likes to shut down anything fun.


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Honestly, I wasn't really very much aware about this "eggplantfriday" thing. If it is about penises, then Instagram has a real good reason why they didn't like it.


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I guess everyone is entitle to their opinion. If Instagram doesn't want to acknowledge Eggplant Friday for whatever reason that is their perogative. I have gone to certain places online and don't always agree with what is being said or done there but I abide by the rules. Sometimes we have to bit our tongues and accept that not everyone feels the way that I do, and sometimes if I want to be a part of group then maybe my viewpoints need to be for the most part kept to myself on certain issues.