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Choosing a WordPress theme isn’t as difficult as it seems. Sure, there’s thousands to chose from, but don’t be scared.Here’s my method of choosing the right template for my sites.

What’s my site about? Is it about music, sports, baking, making money on the Internet? Whatever it is, you need to search for a theme that matches your niche. Really, it’s all common sense. You’re not going to use a Halloween theme for a horse racing site. You’re not going to use a theme with cupcakes for a rap music blog, and you’re not going to use a theme with two girls surfing if your blog is about money market accounts.

Get the idea? Good. Now search away via WordPress theme search (inside your admin it) and try to match something with your niche. Look for something simple, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Don’t get too heavy on the graphics because the graphics aren’t as important as your content.

If you need some ideas, then search Google for some sites similar to yours. See how their sites look. Take a note out of their book and apply it to your own site.

If you really get stuck, then talk with a professional web designer who is capable of creating and coding a WordPress template set.

You can also look for premium WordPress themes. This site was originally built on Thesis, which cost a few bucks, but it’s well worth it. It’s under $100, so it won’t break the bank. The support at Thesis is amazing, so fear not if you have questions. By the way, I used to have a front page that used WordPress, but since VB introduced the CMS part, I’ve decided that sticking with one software was easier to manage and kept all the users registered in one place.

I still build my blogs and media sites on WordPress though – I wouldn’t consider forum software for that presentation.

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Good words of advice! When I first started building my own sites, I had no idea what responsive meant. Well, maybe viewing internet content from iPhone's was not popular back then. :p Nowadays, you can frustrate and loose your target audiences. It is essential that your site can adapt. Before weeding out my choices, I make sure my theme choice is responsive


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I prefer to stick with Wordpress theme frameworks personally, since they offer a greater level of customization without requiring you to get into the code at all, plus it also keeps your site from looking so cookie cutter and generic. Most of them are paid theme frameworks, but there are some free ones out there too, such as Gantry. The other added benefit of going with something commercial is that they are actively updated and it's like having a dedicated developer keeping your theme up to date with all the new Wordpress updates that roll out.

Had you hired someone to build a custom theme for you from scratch, you would have to keep paying them more and more to keep it up to date all the time, otherwise your site may be missing out on new functionality rolled out by Wordpress.

Another tip, if you are considering purchasing a Wordpress theme or framework - always do some searches on Google for various discount offers. Many times these developers partner up with related sites and will sell their products at a discount if you follow the right links. Headway Theme for example often runs promotions, and you can get around 30-40% off the regular price.