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Google is on a algorithm and metric craze. Matt Cutts talks about it in his latest YouTube video and you can read the full article on Search Engine Land's website.

We get to hear about the search quality ratings, so make sure your site continues to grow in quality.

After reading, come comment here about your thoughts on the search engine changes.

And here's Matt Cutts video discussing search engine quality raters and changes.

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I wonder if Matt Cutts ever returned from his hiatus, last I heard he was staying on it indefinitely now, and there are some rumors and speculation that he may not be returning to the Web Spam team at all if and when he comes back.

I'm surprised he even mentioned and acknowledged the Search Quality Raters in the video - since historically Google has been pretty hush hush on that program - outsourcing that work to two separate companies, LeapForce and LionsBridge, who in turn recruit folks looking to some work from home. From time to time, the training manuals from these programs leak out, and they are pretty eye opening as to how Google ranks pages as being of good quality or not. I can see why they don't want this documentation getting into the hands of spammers, as it may give them more explicit ideas on how to sneak by the raters or fool them enough to not get penalized.


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I don't believe anything they say anyway. If you follow the guidelines for originality, high quality, useful, informative, user-friendly interactive content as suggested, it seems to perform very poorly. However, if I do things my own way and stick to my own tactics which I've always used then my content seems to perform a lot better. All these SEO optimization and SEO-friendly tactics and recommendations, even those recommended by Google themselves, don't seem to actually do the content any justice. Therefore, from now on, I'm doing things my own way and am not listening to a word spoken by any so-called "SEO expert". In my opinion and experience, it's all just myth.