business Google To Buy Twitter?


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The above site makes a case for Google potentially buying out Twitter, in light of their string of failed attempts at becoming a dominant presence in social media. This is also coming at a time when Twitters stock prices have been dropping to all time lows, so they could stand to benefit from such an acquisition as well.

I'm not a big Twitter user personally, but part of me hopes they would remain as an independent company and not get snapped up by Google. We need more independent networks, and should try to avoid allowing Facebook and Google to take over everything. I would rather see Twitter roll out their own ad networks, and not just lump it all in to Google AdWords.


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As far as I am aware, Twitter do offer their own advertising service, very similar to the advertising service that Facebook offers to Facebook page owners. It just promotes the tweets, displaying them at the top of pages when people are viewing relevant content, exactly the same as Facebook does. I agree though, I wouldn't want to see Google buying out Twitter. Google have already gone way over the top - it's almost like they actually own the entire internet! They're already a dominant force on the internet. They need to leave everyone else alone!