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I launched a new site earlier this month. It's more of a "test" site that is admittedly using some black/grey hat techniques, but nothing particularly extreme at this point. The design is solid, the site is completely mobile friendly, the on-page SEO is solid, if anything it's just the content itself that could use some sprucing up.

As of right now, it's started off slow and generated about 300 unique visits according to Google Analytics. The frustrating thing though is that Google Webmaster Tools is showing only 1 click - that's it. I'm not understanding what the huge discrepancy is being caused by, since there are no errors with my site showing up in either GA or GWT. I've even got both iterations of my site, the "www" and non-www versions set up in GWT as recommended by Google.

Something else particularly frustrating is that I've been building backlinks, verifying them, and indexing them with Google and other engines - yet GWT is still only showing 4 of them, when I've in fact created hundreds so far. Even if they were bad backlinks, they should still be showing up in GWT for me to disavow, shouldn't they?

Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?