business Forums, Less Or More Popular Than Before?


DP Mystique
Forums are allegedly reported as to be losing popularity on the web after Web 2.0 took place.

This means, according to detractors that social networking sites and blogs are now the preferred hangouts people frequent and forums are being left behind in popularity.

I find forums are still really active and helpful and yes, they are not like Facebook or a given blog, but this is what makes them special and different.

Forums are communities with a clear topic or series of topics in mind. Social networks are places where everybody join as with communities, but in which each one talks about anything and there is no really a sense of topics to discuss in specific, while blogs seems to me more likely a place to express one's opinion and no more.

What do you think about forums today? Are still the great communities they were before?


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I would like to see forums make more of a comeback. In fact I still rely on them more these days for various topics of interest to me such as search engine marketing and web development. Although many of these sites may also have Facebook pages, they're not the ideal place for in depth discussions, since everything you are posting on those pages are being broadcast out to all your Facebook connections as well, which can drive them nuts. Facebook has mainly evolved into a place where people share stuff like family photos, or posts about their vacations, and such. Also, I find social media sites like Facebook to be rather distracting - I have to sift through a flood of stuff in my news feed that I can care less about, only to find a few nuggets of interesting information. On a forum, I can easily find entire categories of posts about a given topic.


DP Mystique
Totally agree with you! Facebook is a popular site but for irrelevant content, personal broadcasting/showcase and family/friends photo sharing and anecdotes, but I can't see a way to star an in-depth discussion over there, not to mention that whatever you post on Facebook goes to the ownership of the Sucker-berg as per their terms, and it's unfair your knowledge is used to feed the rich when you better can contribute with communities that need your contributions more than such place, and where people who also needs your advice is looking for it. Sometimes oneself when in need of support or advice,