business "copy Merged" Feature In Photoshop


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When creating web designs in Photoshop, one of the inevitable and tedious tasks is slicing and dicing up all the graphical elements to be reassembled into your live web site. Historically, in Photoshop at least, this was commonly done using the Slice tool and creating a whole slew of complex slices.

This can become quickly tedious when you are dealing with a complex layout - especially if you have many layers and overlapping slices. Sometimes you just need to grab a quick element off of a Photoshop layout without having to fuss around with all the slice options in the Export For Web tool.

This is where "Copy Merged" becomes a huge help. Simply create a selection over anywhere in the layout using the "Select" tool, and then from the Edit menu, instead of picking "Copy" which would just copy from whatever layer you had selected, pick "Copy Merged" and it will treat it as if the whole layout was merged into one layer, and copy everything within your selection tool. No need to go through and rasterize text and smart objects, and merge layers with blending modes and adjustment masks all into one.

From there you can simply create a new document, and paste the contents into it, then choose save for web.


Great tip!
I always merge what i no longer need to keep separate or if i need to blend or use the burn tool etc, but usually in a new photoshop file. To limit the time files load (some of my work is intensive and taxing on my system), i prefer to keep a back up of unmerged layer files, but work with a new merged photoshop file.
I always work with 2-4 photoshop files on a project as backup, just incase something stupid happens..or incase i do something stupid and save it >.<