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I'm wondering how many of you know to program JavaScript, and how many others simply use copy and paste JavaScript snippets.

I remember myself starting learning JavaScript this way, copying and pasting.

The JavaScript Source is perhaps one of the oldest sites on the web offering copy and paste JavaScript snippets, and my first discovery trying to set a website using something more than HTML,

From those early times there are still many other sites providing JavaScript codes including and this latter still among my favorite resource sites.

However there are many other copy and paste JavaScripts sites providing codes and snippets to simplify the webmaster's life.

Have you tried any of these sites or similar ones?
Do you code your own snippets?

Any thought about all this?


Quite honestly, any programmer that tells you that they have never copied some piece of code from some tutorial or webpage is more than likely lying to you. I think that's ok to some degree, usually you are trying to solve problems that somebody else likely faced before you so you should not go around reinventing the wheel if you can use the solutions that other people are willing to share with you, that being said, if you copy and paste code that you don't know how it works or you don't fully understand you are asking for trouble.


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Back when JavaScript was new to me, I would copy what I needed but by manually typing it out in an attempt to better remember bits.
I have done this with any new language I've had to use.

I get a lot of satisfaction now coming up with my own solutions rather than finding an existing one. That and I have been burnt before when a piece of code I didn't fully understand didn't meet the projects cross browser requirement


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I learned by viewing the source code of things, figuring out where things were, then repeatedly copy/pasting code until I got it right.

Messed up a LOT and I still can't code something from scratch, but I can read php/html and manipulate it do what I need.

I wouldn't hire me as a coder though, more of a consultant and webmaster! I'd certainly consult you to hire a real coder!!