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Guys and Gals....

Give this a good read and really consider it. It's something I've been trying to do for a long time, but I can't seem to find people willing to go through with it. We're not walking on coals naked across a highway or anything, so give it some thought and let's see where it goes.

I was talking to the owners of pretty big news site owner a month ago and their writers pull in about $80-90k a year on the same model I'm using. It's crazy how much money is out there once you get the ball rolling. Another large site that I write for pulls in 20 million users per month. The amount they earn in a few days is more than many people earn in a month. Much more than my full time job and salary.

The problem is getting the ball rolling. Right now I feel like a square or triangle trying to be rounded out on the edges.

What's the main problem then? It's trying to do this alone and not having a good team of people to work with.

How many other people here have small sites and don't earn enough to make a living from it? Some people struggle to earn enough for their hosting. Even with 16 years of experience doing this, I'm still struggling to take this to a higher level. I've gotten lucky with a few viral posts and it earned a nice income, but a viral post only lasts about a week. The trick is to have numerous viral posts consistently going, growing the social aspect, building return visitors, etc. Thankfully I began working for that other news site and learned quite a few helpful things. Things that either didn't think of or don't have the manpower to do.

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to quit my day job and go back to being a webmaster full time. I was lucky enough to run some sites back in the day that replaced my day job, but those years dried up when the market for that niche changed a LOT. Plus, there's a lot more money in this area anyway. Plenty to go around if we do it right.

I'm looking for teammates.

What is your job?

  • Write articles in your niche and share them socially. Just 300 words, aka a handful of short paragraphs and a picture.
  • Hop in the forums if you want to, but I don't really care about the forum. I'm all about the blog.
  • Keep strong opinions out of news stories. I've learned that the heavily opinionated articles get much less shares.
  • Keep articles fun, positive, informative, and share worthy. If you wouldn't share it, then don't write it. Positive vibes travel further.

What is my job?

  • Write articles in my niche and share them.
  • Assign articles to writers, if they request it.
  • Maintain social media page, sharing your content to our 13.5k users.
  • Cover all expenses of the site and advertising.
  • Manage ads to ensure we're earning enough to pay writers :) Goal is $3 per k or more if possible.

What's in it for you?

  • Occasional links back to your own site. Feel free to link back to it once in a while. Just don't abuse it by doing it every time. At that point it looks like spam.
  • Links to main website/social media accounts on author area.
  • Get paid $2 per k views. I earned about $3 per k last time an article went viral, so you'll actually earn more than me.
  • Write as much as you wish.

What niches?

I was sticking with news for a while, but I've branched out. There's a lot more fish in the sea to catch if you branch out. I always said stick with one niche and be a master of it, but then I realized all my favorite sites have about 4-5 main niches. Here's mine and the sub cats they're broken into. More than willing to open up to new niches if needed and it makes sense.

  • News - opinions, politics, business/entrepreneur, sports, science, health, crime.
  • Viral - picture galleries, videos, inspiring stories. Your typical funny videos, animals, etc...
  • Entertainment - music, movies/TV, gaming, celebrity gossip
  • Tech - gadgets, computers, gaming.

Info about myself and the site.

  • Site has been up since last year. I've peaked at around 66k users in a single day (according to Google Analytics).
  • It's slowly ranking in searches.
  • The Facebook page already has 13.5k fans.
  • I have about 16-17 years experience as a webmaster.
  • I pay more than the millionaires at HuffPost.
  • It's called TrendingViews - add a .com and you can check it out.

I think people working together can accomplish a LOT more than people trying to run things on their own.

Give it a thought and let me know if you're interested.

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