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Hi! I'm Frank and I created this to share my general knowledge and expertise with websites, blogs, and forum administration. I'm a webmaster who began building websites in 1998 and I have extensive experience in blogging, advertising, website management, content writing, search engine optimizing, ad monetizing, website consulting, and user management and I'm a very harsh and helpful critic who gives people straightforward and creative ideas and methods to increase readership and income with their websites.

My greatest success is cashing a single advertising check for $20,000 and somehow getting lucky enough to land in top spots on Google getting me 350-400,000 users per day. We all make each other better. Every one of us is an important facet in our family and network. I support you as much as I can and expect the same. We're in this together!

Enough about me - let's talk about our members.
This is a community of wonderful, helpful, and intelligent members who support each other in the growth and establishment of their blogs, forums, and websites.

This has some of the nicest and most informative people you could ever meet, and if there's any reason to join our community, it's because of our great and helpful members and the wealth of knowledge you will learn in the process. No one will do it for you, unless you hire them of course, and I believe there's a greater benefit in teaching you how to do things on your own so that you don't have to hire people. Of course, if you hire them, you at least know how to manage the job and ensure you're getting a great return on your investment.

Your website is NOT a get rich overnight kinda thing, but with enough persistence, intelligence, and support - you can turn your website into smart passive income or your new 9-5 career. There's so many bloggers and webmasters earning six figure salaries - so why aren't you?
Let's push each other to the limit and see how far we can take this! Can we make this our daily job? Can we quit working for other people and begin working for ourselves?

Let's find out TOGETHER!