business 14 outdated wordpress plugins. i should probably update this.


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Akismet - stop spammers comments from getting through on your blog. Spammers will attack your blog with comments that include their links to nonsense items that they're trying to sell. Comment spammers are not your friends. You can point them out because their comment generally has nothing to do with your blog post, and then their author name is usually an anchor text linking to something they want you to buy. Akismet is like the exterminator and spam is the nasty wasp colony in your new wooden shed.
Efficient Related Posts - You want your readers to be presented with content that is relevant to the content they are currently reading. If I posted an article on the Philadelphia Eagles on a sports blog, then this plugin would display other articles relevant to the Eagles or football. How does it work? It's based on your tags. So when you blog about cherry pie, you use tags such as cherry,pie,cherry pie - then your plugin will link all pie/cherry articles together. Why do we do this? To increase readership. People who chose an article to read, are more likely to read another article if it's similar. Unless your me, you don't read about earth magnets, then rare cats from Ethiopia, and then statistic studies of left handed people born with shrimp allergies. I'm just weird and suck up random information when I'm bored. Most people are probably more focused then I am, which is why YOU need your blog to stay on topic and display focused relevant content.
Facebook Comments for WordPress - this helps incorporate Facebook's social media platform directly into your site in an interactive fashion. There's a debate about how using Facebook's comments is less preferred to hosting the comments yourself, but when you're just starting out and need to catch a buzz from the social media crowd, then this is one interactive way to do it. I like it because I am on Facebook, as is so many other people, so it's a socially accepted and friendly platform to utilize.
Get the Image - this helps you grab thumbnails from post images, custom fields, or attachments. It's a good tool to use when your blog includes images, because then it will grab the image thumbnail for you.
Google XML Sitemaps - sitemaps are a crucial part of search engine optimization. Your sitemap should be submitted to Google's Webmaster tools. This plugin helps your sitemap stay current and also notifies search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, etc. It would submit to Yahoo too, but Yahoo submissions are a paid service that you must be a member of. If you're a member, then you plugin your credentials and the sitemap will be submitted and engine notified.
Hyper Cache - Caching helps your site load faster. Your WordPress site MUST have a cache plugin. Whether it's Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, or Hyper Cache - get one asap. WordPress code is sometimes bloated, and once you add plugins, you're going to wish you had a cache. Page speed is important to search engines, and the cache plugins help increase your speed. Each of the cache plugins mentioned are variable degrees of configuration in terms of settings and compatibility with your server, so it's a matter of comfort level and server management when deciding which to use. W3 Total Cache is said to be the best.
Revision Control - this controls how many copies of each post is saved. WordPress saves copies of your post drafts in case you want to refer to them later. Those take up space on in your database. I think it's stupid to save a billion copies of the same post when you can simply edit the main post itself. I use this plugin and set to save NO copies of revisions. As long as you have your current post, why do you need more copies of the same thing? Just edit it on the fly. You're just blogging, you're not designing a logo for NASA.
Video Thumbnails - if you post videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or similar video sites, then this plugin will create a thumbnail automatically for you and place it in the featured image section. This is a great tool because now you don't have to upload or crop any images manually.
Watermark Reloaded - do you post a lot of images on your site? Do you create the image? Are they yours? Then you should watermark the image with your domain name or logo. Tell the world where the image is from, and you may get some return visitors from random places if anyone borrows your pictures.
Widget Context - let's say you only want your blogroll to appear on the index page. Or maybe you want your calendar archives on the category pages? This is the plugin for you. I place my blogroll on the index page (home page) only because that's the only place I want it. You can include or ignore any widget you like with this plugin.
WordPress Automatic Upgrade - this probably isn't needed, but it's nice to know when Wordpress has a new version released so that you can upgrade automatically via one or two clicks. There's no uploading via ftp or web forms involved, because your installation of WordPress will upgrade the script for you automatically. Just remember to backup before upgrades, just in case! Usually you're fine, but it's always smart to backup your posts via the export tool.
WP Minify - another plugin to help page speed increase by combining and compressing the javascript and css files. It's a smart plugin to use. I know this because I'm a smart guy.
WP - this makes you think of Jersey Shore's "smush room" but I assure you, unfortunately, it has nothing to do with you spending a few minutes in a closet sized room with Snooki. reduces image size to increase performance on your blog.
WP Widget Cache - cache the plugins separately from the rest of your site. Yet another plugin to assist with page speed. Once activated, WP Widget Cache provides each widget with its own controls. Make sure you set that up, because if not, then your cache may not cache anything. I set long cache times on items that don't often change, such as blogroll. But I use a shorter cache time on other widgets, such as ones that include Google Adsense.

And that's my list of WordPress plugins that are suggested to clients running blogs that post a lot of videos from various websites. Chose wisely, use as less as possible, and only use the ones that are essential to the success of your blog. Don't use plugins just because "they're cool" because of your readers won't care anyway. Chose plugins that are a good decision based on the type of site you run and you'll be good to go.

Happy blogging, and keep your plugin list to a minimum!


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The thread title states

14 outdated wordpress plugins

I guess, I am a bit confused. Are you saying that Akismet is an outdated plugin? I just got through posting in another thread that I find this to be a useful plugin for me.

Good words of advice about keeping your plugins to a minimum. I learned the hard way that too many slow down loading time.


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I don't longer use Akismet because they charge for the license key. I have an early license though, but I can survive without installing this, first thing I delete along with "Hello Dolly" after a fresh installation.

There are several good, outdated WP plugins that are now worth to update. I have installed BestWestSoft captcha (old version) and after updating I found a naggin screen asking me to go "pro" and pay. At the very end I removed both the no-nagging and the latest updated.

So to avoid get old plugins self-updated or asking me to update, I installed AlphaWolf's "Disable all WordPress Updates" plugin.

By the way, WP 4.2 may run many of those outdated and "no tested in your version" plugins listed at WordPress, or lying somewhere in your computer.