How to sign up to Clerqs

By Frank, Apr 16, 2017 | |
  1. Frank
    Signing up to is super easy.

    Click on the sign up link and it opens a window that looks like this. Complete all information as accurately as possible. Most of the boxes ask for self explanatory information. You'll see that it's very simply and quick to sign up with Clerqs.

    2 sign up.jpg

    When you get to this part, it is advised to sign up as all three account types. This gives you every option to use every aspect of Clerqs.

    • Publishers are people who have a website or blog. They will place widgets on their site to generate income or to grow their own traffic using our traffic trade program.
    • Advertisers are people who buy advertising and get traffic to their website.
    • Affiliates are people who share their affiliate link to their friends, then when the friends sign up and purchase ads, then the friend who referred them gets a nice bonus into their payouts.

    3 sign up for all programs.jpg

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