How to create a Publisher Widget

By Frank, Apr 16, 2017 | |
  1. Frank
    How to create a publisher widget to use for generating income or incorporating into social shares is really easy!

    First you click on the publisher account in the navigation, then click on My Widgets.

    1 click on publisher dashboard and my widgets.jpg
    When you get to the next screen, then you'll want to click on Create Widget.

    2 click create widget.jpg

    Now you're at the "add widget" screen and you can complete the relevant information.

    Give your widget a title that will help you remember which one this is. For example, "sidebar ad on" so you remember the ad type/location, and what site is is on.

    Leave the 300x300 as it is. That is our minimum size for each ad image. They will shrink down to a normal size on your site.

    Grid size is how big you want your ad. I have a 1x1 ad in my sidebar. Some people have a 2x4 widget under their main content in footer area.

    Enable trading mode? If you want to grow your website or blog for free, then this is what you should do.

    Frequency mode is only used if you're doing a pop under/over advert.

    Tags should be selected wisely. Only chose what's in your niche/category.

    After that's all said and done, then save it and put it on your website!
    3 create the widget and click enable trading mode.jpg

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